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Smart fish escape in a right time.

Opening mouth at wrong time causes loss of opportunities:

Catching cat in doing mass

Cat eating Greengage

Home is where you are happy, no matter where it is!

Forget the ball man....

Polite or looser one!

Mother means everything for me.

Alberta Canada

Unity of color

Be strong when you are weak...

Be strong when you are weak,Brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious...

Wonderful Medieval Rugs in Artistic Home Concepts

 Classic War Ancient City Antique Colorful Medieval Rugs   This is an amazing Classic War Ancient City Antique Colorful Medieval Rugs image above is one of the few amazing pics that related to the main short article Wonderful Medieval Rugs in Artistic Home Concepts .

What is Mahi design rugs?

Mahi Tabriz are made from the finest quality wool with silk inlay, a meticulous reproduction of a classic Persian Mahi from the city of Tabriz featuring a teardrop medallion and dark blue oblong field with white spandrels, covered in a repeating Herat motif. A striking addition to any room décor. What is the mahi design? Mahi, is a pattern easily recognized and readily available. The more appropriate term is “herati,” named for the city of Herat in what is now Afghanistan. The mahi motif is one of the most common patterns found in Oriental rugs in general and in Persian rugs in particular. It is a repeating design, usually small-scale, of rosettes surrounded by lancet leaves. The mahi rug may feature a central medallion or an overall motif, and the general appearance suggests fish in a pond. Persian rugs with this design are woven in Hamadan (Hosseinabad), Sarab Meshayekhi, Tabriz, Bijar, Saroukh and many other places.

Seems to be picture is active

Happy Mother's Day